Company Info


The company consists of 2 directors with a built-in passion for cleaning, along with a number of temporary staff. The directors, Lisa McDonald and Ian Eldridge, have worked in the industry for over 10 years now, and have witnessed both the good and bad elements that the cleaning industry has to offer.

Some may say that the term OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) had to be named after seeing both Lisa and Ian in action - and nothing much has changed to rectify that!

Squeaky-Clean was formed through the realisation of the directors that having our own company we can offer a better service to customers through their previous experiences with a number of different cleaning firms, a lack of quality, commitment and reliability prevails through the industry. With this in mind, Squeaky-Clean was set up in April 2009 and trading a number of months later.

Squeaky-Clean is based along the North Wales coastline – operating from the county of Flintshire all the way through to Conwy county.



Our staff believe in offering a quality service. Our work speaks for itself. To ensure our ethos prevails, we hand-pick and train the staff to our requirements, so you can be sure of a first class clean, irrespective of which member of the Squeaky-Clean workforce cleans for you.


The Environment

Squeaky-Clean utilise, where possible, bio-degradable products which are non toxic and do not harm the environment. These products are proven and tested and have full BICS approval. They offer the same cleaning power and brilliant results as other more harmful products, so you can relax in the knowledge that Squeaky-Clean, in partnership with your company are committed to protecting all that nature has for us to enjoy.

Squeaky-Clean staff offer a fully insured cleaning service – a service which you can trust.

If we say we can do it – then it’s a guarantee we will do it!